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REDBOT is a digital and brand agency based in Reading, the heart of the UK's technology belt. We consider ourselves a new generation agency: transparent, uncomplicated, 100% committed.

We exist to help our clients form strategies and develop their brand through great design and digital knowhow.

A wealth of experience across a multitude of industries enables us to transform brands, grow businesses and generally make your working life easier.

Welcome to REDBOT


We've been doing digital since the early days of the web and our extensive experience enables Redbot and our clients to remain at the cutting edge. We thrive on the challenges of the digital platform and are constantly embracing new technologies, pushing the boundaries and trying new things.

Expertise & Capabilities

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    We help clients understand their audience, embrace new technology and deliver products and services online faster and more efficiently.

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    We discover what typical users need from your website and identify how they like to use it, before defining a user experience that will deliver audience satisfaction.

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    Web Design

    All our websites are designed to look great and work perfectly across all devices. Whatever the platform, we ensure your responsive website will be seen as intended.

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    Web App

    We take your ideas and work with you to develop them into fully functional, reliable online applications enabling you to quickly deliver your products and services to market.

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    WordPress and Perch are our preferred tools for delivering fast and intuitive management of web content. We also build bespoke solutions tailored to your exact specification.

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    Carbon Neutral®
    Web Hosting

    Redbot is committed to using award winning, certified Carbon Neutral® ISP's. Ensuring our client websites are hosted on robust, reliable infrastructure.


Branding is at the heart and soul of any successful business. We have decades of experience crafting beautiful and impactful brands across a multitude of industries, Redbot deliver a brand that will define your DNA and separate you from the crowd in the minds of consumers.

Expertise & Capabilities

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    At Redbot we look to position your brand in a way that separates you from your competition in an ever more crowded marketplace.

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    Whether a evolutionary overhaul or simply an update to an existing brand, we have a track record of enhancing brand recognition.

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    We pride ourselves on being able to design and deliver brand collateral that creates impact and leaves consumers wanting more.

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  2. Good to feel valued. New government figures show that design is worth £3.2 billion a year to the UK economy. designweek.co.uk/design-is-uks-…
  3. The new Premier League identity seeks to broaden engagement. designweek.co.uk/new-premier-le… #identity #branding

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At Redbot we have a small yet highly skilled team that strives to deliver award winning work and 100% client satisfaction. With over 50 years of combined industry experience we've worked on some of the biggest brands out there.

Say hello to our directors

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  1. REDBOT have brought a new way of working to all our projects. They refuse to cut corners, thoroughly research their solutions and above all put our users at the heart of what they do. University of Oxford
  2. REDBOT have been a breath of fresh air. They go out of their way to understand exactly what we are trying to achieve as a business and deliver creative solutions beyond our expectations. Bang & Olufsen
  3. We've loved working with REDBOT. They are passionate, energetic and above all brilliant at what they do. They've taken our brand and lifted our digital identity to the next level and we can't wait to start working on the next project with them. Focus Structured Solutions


We're a friendly bunch here at Redbot, so get in touch today and we'll bring you a little something to say hello!

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